Field team in Kansas, summer 2018

Research assistants in my lab are undergraduate students. Their contribution is crucial to the progress of research in my lab. During the summers, students have accompanied me to Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Kansas; during the academic year we stay closer to home and work in the lab and the greenhouse. Students present research findings at campus or national conferences. Lab membership shifts each year as students head overseas for off-campus study, or new students replace graduating seniors. If you are interested in working in the lab, email me:

Current Members

20181028_141630Natalie Scott, Research Technician ( Natalie joined the Collins Lab in October 2018. She holds a BSc in Environmental Science and Biology from Eastern Washington University and an MSc in Land Reclamation and Remediation from the University of Alberta. Her research interests include understanding how belowground communities influence aboveground productivity and applying this information to the restoration of degraded landscapes. She is very excited to work in the Collins Lab helping to coordinate projects exploring fungal pathogen specificity and their influence on plant feedback dynamics.

When not hard at work in the lab, Natalie enjoys mentoring students online and dancing.

Isabella Jones, Research Assistant (Bard ’21): Isa started working for the Collin’s Lab in June of 2018 as a intern research assistant.  She is currently studying Biology and Environmental Science at Bard College. Isa deeply enjoys field work ever since visiting Costa Rica in March of 2018 for a field methods course taught by Cathy Collins, as well as collecting data for the fragmentation study in Kansas in June of 2018. 

In the time where she is not focusing on her classes and working in the lab, Isa is a volunteer Emergency Medical Technician and enjoys a hard hike in the Catskill Mountains.  

Liam Bach, Research Assistant (Bard ’21):Liam began working with Cathy Collins in Spring, 2018 as a student in her class Field Methods in Ecology. The class concluded with a trip to Costa Rica that let the students apply what they had learned, and he continued to work with Cathy when he joined her in the lab as a research assistant. Over the Summer, Liam spent his time in the lab counting seeds and recording/analyzing growth data. Liam is from Massapequa Park, New York and is joint majoring in Biology and Psychology. Liam is a member of student government and co-heads the Bard Science Journal with Lucy.

When he isn’t in the classrooms or labs of the Reem-Kayden Center, Liam likes to spend his time drawing, reading, writing, and sleeping.

Lucy Christiana, Research Assistant (Bard ’19)

Lab Alumni

Student Research Assistants: Kara Kuhn (Bard ’18), Jewel Smith (Bard ’20), Lizzie Elliot (Bard ’18), Julie Roberts (Bard ’19), Shayla Williams (Colby ’16), Julia Rogers (Colby ’16), Emma Robertson (Colby ’16), Jack Lynch (Colby ’16), Melissa Preziosi (Colby ’16), Ari Porter (Colby ’15), Alice Hotopp (Colby ’15), Omari Matthew (Colby ’15), James Lucas (Colby ’15)