Research assistants in my lab are undergraduate students. Their contribution is crucial to the progress of research in my lab. During the summers, students have accompanied me to Costa Rica, Ethiopia, and Kansas; during the academic year we stay closer to home and work in the lab and the greenhouse. Students present research findings at campus or national conferences. Lab membership shifts each year as students head overseas for off-campus study, or new students replace graduating seniors. If you are interested in working in the lab, email me at

Cathy Collins (pictured with fearless field assistant and expert butterfly spotter)

Summer 2017 Research Team: Jewel Smith (Bard ’20), Kara Kuhn (Bard ’18)


2017-2018 Lab Members:

Lizzie Elliot

Julie Roberts

Jewel Smith

2017-2018 Senior Project Students:

Taylor Cantral

Liz Miller

Kara Kuhn

Marika Krupitski

Lab Alumni:  Shayla Williams, Julia Rogers, Emma Robertson, Jack Lynch, Ari Porter, Alice Hotopp, Omari Matthew, James Lucas, Melissa Preziosi (Pictured below)

Technicians: Lauren Bizzari, Susie Gagliardi (Pictured below)


Shayla   Julia  Emmafrag-project_jul152014_0007


AriAliceOmari James


Melissa      IMG_5022     IMG_0026 (2)